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Vibration Guide

Vibration Guide

We can help you decide which instrument is right for your needs!

Our instruments is divided in four groups.

Online monitoring instruments;

VMI´s vibration online systems offer the latest technology to maintain plant safety and asset protection, with reduced downtime and avoiding untimely shutdowns. Use of Online system gives a safer and continues monitoring of machines. Online systems are primarily used in applications where particularly important or critical machines are monitored. Our products are as always best performance/price ratio.

Balancing Tools;

As early as 1990 VMI introduced the EasyBalancer, this instrument is still copied by many competitors. VMI´s instrument has always been easy to handle and with a very competitive price. We have today several solutions that can be used for balancing. Handheld vibrometer with our 3 point method and advanced analysing instrument like VIBER X5 MKIII with balancing option. Our most sold instrument now for balancing is the X-Balancer, the markets first instrument with wireless transmission between the balancing instrument and the computer.

Entry level analyze instruments;

VMI recommend starting up vibration measurements with VIBER X or VIBER X2 as entry level. These instruments are designed to be very easy to handle, with high reliability and quality to a low cost! The instrument are especially designed for service technicians, operators and overall simple tests, like fault in machines defined by to high vibration levels or to high bearing condition value. The difference between VIBER X1 and VIBER X2 is that the VIBER X2 has a simple analyse capacity.

Advanced Analyze instruments;

Our most advanced instrument is VIBER X5 MKIII. This instrument is very easy to handle although it has many features. It´s possible to use for; (example’s)

  • Data logging, temperature + 3 vibration channels at the same time. This function can be used for several days.
  • Monitoring and analysing by route system and analyse software
  • Bearing Database
  • Animation of Vibration amplitude and Phase angle
  • Electrical motor test
  • Resonance test
  • Thermal camera analyses


  • Balancing
  • Envelope
  • Loop Power test and measurements
  • Synchronous avering
  • Bump test
  • Cross spectra
  • Orbit
  • Multimeter process parameters
  • Sound listening analyse
  • Time wave

Online Monitoring Instruments

VMI - MP - Systems

Balancing Tools

VMI X-Balancer

Entry level analyze instruments


Advanced Analyze Instruments