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The Story of VMI

VMI International AB has roots from the 1980´s when one the founders, 
Jan Andersson was assigned to develop vibration measurement technology at Vibration Technology AB.

VMI - Jan Andersson

Jan Andersson, who studied the technical master program, did not start up the design directly after school. He has always been interested in technology and to help people to reduce their daily hardships. 

Jan started his career by going to Africa as a volunteer to help people by contributing to a better infrastructure with access to water, electricity and better sanitation. Jan also met his wife during his work there. He stayed in Africa as a volunteer in approximately 2 years. After this he and his wife returned to Sweden.

Back in Sweden his career as a designer of Vibration instruments, vibration consultants and training of technician’s started. This resulted in a lot of products and some of our colleges in Sweden still use his design.

Jan has worked as a consultant in more than 12 countries, and he still has a big interest in helping people. Nowadays he supports children who have difficulty with math by voluntary studying with them in the evenings.

VMI - Jan Andersson

Thanks to Jan and his knowledge, VMIs products are used in almost every single one of Sweden’s process, chemical and power industries. Our OEM customers have taken our products across the world. We have trained close to 3500 people in our specialties. VMI AB has during the years introduced more than 40 different products, everything from transducers to expert systems.

VMI International AB is now a modern electronic and info technology company with the aim of improving machine usage and machine supervision based on PDM technology. We have competence within system communication, machine condition and optimized systems for effective maintenance.

We specialize in custom designed solutions.

Our business strategy’s is to work to improve efficiency and payoff for our customers by increasing machine utilization and proactive maintenance, based on machine measurements. Our tools for this are training, intelligent products and services for machine measurements, trouble shooting and monitoring.

Our customers understand the value of effective operation and optimal uptime. Using our competence and experience in cooperation with our partners and resellers we will always offer the optimal and most economical customer adapted solutions. Always as a hallmark all tools are easy to use and adapted for the everyday user.