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Product Overview

Product Overview


The VIBER-A+ ™ is a portable Vibrometer.
A complete set consists of an instrument, soft carrying bag, a vibration transducer with magnet support. VIBER-A+ ™ measures Bearing condition and vibration in velocity (mm/s RMS) in two different versions, with frequency ranges 2 Hz or 10 Hz, 1000 Hz or 16 000 Hz.


The VIBER X1™ is a portable Vibrometer.
A complete set consist of an instrument, carrying bag, a vibration transducer with magnet support extension tip, charger and rechargeable batteries. The range can be set by adjustable filters from 2 to max frequency 16 000 Hz. VIBER X1™ measures Bearing condition and vibration in velocity (mm/s RMS).


The VIBER X2™ is a portable Vibrometer.
A complete set consist of an instrument, carrying bag, a vibration transducer with magnet support extension tip, charger and rechargeable batteries. VIBER X2™ is a Digital instrument with capacity to measure velocity, acceleration and displacement, VIBER-X2™ measures also Bearing condition. It´s also possible to make analyses if you use the instruments feature to show the top 5 frequencies.


VIBER X2™Pro is same instrument as VIBER X2 but with a software and possibilities to save and upload the measurement data to a computer for trending and further analyse.


VIBER X3™ is a more advanced instrument compared with VIBER X2™, the instrument has the same features but also temperature measurement and ability to listen to Bearing sound. It is delivered with headphones and software in a carrying case.

X-Viber ™standard

X-Viber is a more advanced instrument used for condition monitoring with more advanced software for analysing measurement and also one plan balancing capability. A complete delivery is with sensors and software, there are features that can be added to the standard instrument.


Instrument with same functions as standard, but additional features like data logging, Amplitude and Phase, Balancing software and more advanced software, SpectraPro. Amplitude and Phase makes it possible to make an ODS (animation) analyse, using our VibShape.


VIBER X5 MK III™ is an advanced vibration analyser, together with SpectraPro® PC software it provides a complete package for predictive condition maintenance. VIBER X5 MK III™ is capable of measuring, processing, displaying and storing a wide range of measurement parameters. You can collect various types of field data; examples are vibration information, bearing analyse, temperature, Thermal pictures, speed, Coast up/down, Simultaneously 3 - axial sensor, Animation, Electric motor test MCSA. You may also use the VIBER X5 MK III™ for 1 or 2 plane balancing.

VIBER MP™ - System

 VMI - MP - Systems

VIBER MP™ System is a machine guard standard up to 16 channels. Each channel can measure temperature, vibration and Bearing condition. There are adjustable measure levels and 2 alarm levels that can give an alarm or stop the machine if failure. VIBER MP™ System is designed for standalone guard, but can send information into a programmable controller or to other monitoring system.

VIBER M80™ – System

VMI VIBER M80 Systems
Advanced simultaneous measuring of all channels. M80 - System - the new platform for Online monitoring. The platform allows you to take measurements even when your machines’ condition varies, this make the monitoring much more reliable compared to modest multiplexing systems. Outstanding performance, 8 - 80 channels vibration, 8 - 80 temperature points and 4 – 40 digital I/O can be measured simultaneously with all the advantages and opportunities it creates.
M80 System is the system that combines, easy to set up, easy to use, easy to expand, easy to understand, easy to afford

APT Functions:

Balancing in 2 planes, communication with PC software serial or wireless. suitable as instrument to update older balancing machines. Balancing can be made between 30 to192 000 rpm depending on transducer choice. Balancing can be performed according to ISO Standard 1940.


VMI X-Balancer
Wireless X-BALANCER™, safe to use, personal don´t need to be close to noisy and hazardous environments, they can be up to 20 meters away from the machine being balanced. Easy to use, all necessary knowledge is available in the hand unit, can be used for all rotating machines like Pumps, Fans, Mills, Mowers, Stirrers and Blowers.
Balancing can be performed in accordance with ISO Standards 1940, easy to afford, best price/performance ratio, balancing in 1 or 2 planes, balancing can be stored in the Machine Library. Ability to measure the spectra before and after balancing to present spectra graph into the balancing report and also perform Coast up and coast down. Balancing results can easily be reported.


VMI SpectraPro
SpectraPro is an analysis program for several of our instruments. Easy Database design with templates and machine pictures.Calculation of machine fault frequencies including a bearing data base, belt drives, gear boxes and electrical motors. All fault frequency calculations are based on the selected speed. When the speed is changed all fault calculations are also changed. SpectraPro has band analysis that helps analysing the trend of a singular frequency or fault. SpectraPro has several automatic reports like, Spectrum, Trend and Transfer reports.


VMI Vibshape
With the animation program VibShape you will ”understand “how a machine vibrates and what measures should be taken. VibShape has functions for drawing of cubes, boxes and cylinders. With the manually input the program is suitable for all instruments that can measure vibration and angle. It is easy to change the mode shape frequency at animation. Automatic max and min deviation for print out or copying.

X Tools™

VMI X Tools
X Tools, software to be used with VIBER X5 MKIII™ helps you to import all measurements made by VIBER X5 MKIII to PC, look at each individual measurement and make an analyse. You can also make a report from one or more measurements.
Typical is Special Spectra, Coast up/down, Orbit, Sync and Cross Spectra, Bump test, Data logging, MCSA, Balancing and thermal measurements.