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Online Monitoring Systems

Online Monitoring Systems

VIBER M80™ – System

VMI VIBER M80 Systems
Advanced simultaneous measuring of all channels. M80 - System - the new platform for Online monitoring. The platform allows you to take measurements even when your machines’ condition varies, this make the monitoring much more reliable compared to modest multiplexing systems. Outstanding performance, 8 - 80 channels vibration, 8 - 80 temperature points and 4 – 40 digital I/O can be measured simultaneously with all the advantages and opportunities it creates.
M80 System is the system that combines, easy to set up, easy to use, easy to expand, easy to understand, easy to afford

VIBER MP™ - System

VMI - MP - Systems
VIBER MP™ System is a machine guard standard up to 16 channels. Each channel can measure temperature, vibration and Bearing condition. There are adjustable measure levels and 2 alarm levels that can give an alarm or stop the machine if failure. VIBER MP™ System is designed for standalone guard, but can send information into a programmable controller or to other monitoring system.