How to install RPM Transducer.


Press here for Installation manual.

EB/EV communication with a Laptop.


To be able to establish communication between your Easy-Balancer or Easy-Viber and a Laptop, you need to purchase RS232-USB Converter.

Press here for more details.

Downloading Hasp driver.


If you have updated your computer or Windows system SpectraPro might not find the software key.

The driver for the software key might be too old. Press here to download an updated version.

Note to SpectraPro users.


Do not forget to compress your databases at regular intervals. If you remove a Spectra in MS Access

you will not free the memory space until you compress the database.

Update SpectraPro


VMI is regularly updating the SpectraPro software with new functions.

The updates are available free of charge at this LINK. According to our experience a lot of SpectraPro users

are using old versions. Take advantage of these new functions in the updated version!

USB Communication with X-Viber.


Click here for advice.

Moving SpectraPro to another computer.


Press here for instructions.

Moving X-Trend to another computer.


Press here for instructions.

Problems while installing software.


If you experience problem while or after installation it might be difficult to uninstall the software

with normal Windows tools. Use this software to completely remove the present installation.

Upgrade Easy/Viber or Easy/Balancer to latest software version.


This update is only applicable to Easy/Viber and Easy/Balancer instruments with currently installed software version 4.29.00 or higher.
Older versions (with Compact Flash memory) cannot be updated.

Warning! If you are uncertain of the state of your instrument , don’t update.
Contact VMI.

Release 4.X.17

Troubleshoot your SpectraPro installation.



If SpectraPro is malfunctioning, you should use SystemChecker to diagnose the problem.

SystemChecker creates a log file. This log file should be attached to the error

report, sent to VMI.

Click on the link below to download.


Creating an SQL server database.



SpectraPro© can create a machine database in any existing SQL Server installation.

This document explains in detail how the user can create and populate an SQL Server database.

SpectraPro – SQL Server database info doc.



Documents for repair or calibration orders and claims – for resellers only!


No instruments should be sent before we have received the document.

Repair and Calibration order

Claim doc.


Experiencing problems with SpectraPro on Windows 7 64bit?

Download this pdf for instructions how to solve the problem.


Permissions on Win7